Website Development

Website Development is an act of creating, building and maintaining a website that runs online on a browser. Website development includes web design, web programming and database management. HTML, JavaScript and CSS are the most common programming languages in website development. The website development process has five stages: - Design, Review, Develop, Test and launch.

Frontend Development
Back-End Development
Full Stack Development

Frontend Development

Frontend Development is the process of creating buttons, animations, links and many more on a website is called front end development. It is responsible for the aspects of a website that users see and interact with: the user interface (UI).

Back-End Development

Backend Development is the process of creating everything that goes behind the scenes of a website. It is responsible for all the aspects of a website that users can’t see. It is also known as server side development due to focusing on the behind-the-scenes logic, APIs and database interactions that power the site.

Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development is the process of creating both front end (client side) and backend (server side) portion of a website. In other words, the full stack is a set of frameworks, libraries, and tools for both client and server software for better functioning of a website.

Strategies for Website Development

• Aim for a responsive web design
• Try software prototyping
• Gather a good team
• Know your users
• Be versatile
• Customize your app
• Always test and validate your project

Why is Website Development so Important?

• It identifies your business’ brand globally.
• 24/7 accessibility.
• It helps in building trust.
• Expand global reach.
• Attracting valuable search engine traffic.
• This is the best way for online marketing.
• Building trust of your customers leads to brand’s reliability.
• It is cost effective because you can promote your brand without going anywhere.
• You can run your business sitting at home through website development.
• It helps you in converting the visitors of your website into buyers very quickly and results in increasing sales.