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At Namrata Universal We Deliver With Focus On Quality, Integrity And Long Term Relation. We have experienced professionals who understand that IT services is changing, and are true partners who care about your success.


Welcome to the World of Namrata Universal

Trusted by the world's best organizations, for 12 years and running, it has been delivering smiles to hundreds of IT advisors, developers, users, and business owners. Easy solutions for all difficult IT problems to ensure high availability.

Our biggest strength is our Global Reach. Our ability to cater to any business segments & needs. Our experience enables us create unique products. High volume of our work makes us provide value added services with wallet friendly charges. Strong ground support and extensive network keeps us always a step a head. We are always on Toes and this attitude has given us a strong presence in Indian Subcontinent.

About Story

Our Story

Namrata Group has been serving clients in diverse fields for over 14 years through Namrata Health Care Pvt. Ltd, Namrata Wellness, Namrata Store, Sylister Health Care Pvt. Ltd and Jingle Holiday Bazar Pvt. Ltd. Our objective is to take the business of our customers forward through our products and services. The Namrata Universal is the complete IT Solution Company and we welcome you to the world of Namrata Universal.

Our Goal

Our Goal

Improve Efficiency And Provide Better Experience By Our IT Solutions!

Trusted by the world's best organizations, for 11 years and running, it has been delivering smiles to hundreds of IT advisors, developers, users, and business owners. Easy solutions for all difficult IT problems to ensure high availability.
Like Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound.


Nationwide Service, Local Expertise Offer The Latest Software And Solutions To Our Customers!

Business Portal Development

At Namrata Universal, we offer mobile-compliant Business Portal Development services leveraging a plethora of frameworks including Drupal, WordPress, Magento, AngularJS and much more.

Mobile Application Development

We have designed and developed Android apps in categories, and productivity, shopping, social messaging, gaming and entertainment, news and publishing and so on.

Website Development

We create websites that appeal to your sense of style, with intuitive layouts and navigation. We also ensure that your website is a search engine friendly so that it attracts customers and sales.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing connect customers using internet and many types of digital platform such as: Search Engines, Websites, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile apps, Text messaging and Online promoting.

Custom Software

Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions. We offer quality and valuable price in our software and services without sacrificing quality.

Graphic Designing

Graphic design is the most common way of making visual content. The specialty of visual communicate is fundamental, especially for brands looking to connect with their target audience, and graphic design is the perfect solution.

App Design

Our experts cover an entire cycle of mobile app development, including business analysis, UX/UI design and development of your mobile application From ideation to final polish, our UX/UI design process.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. Namrata Universal Provides best Search engine optimization services. SEO is the most common way of doing whatever it takes to help a site or piece of content position higher on Google.

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Main Team of Namrata Universal

Our main team comprises passionate individuals from various backgrounds. From creative designers to meticulous engineers and skilled marketers, we work together synergistically to deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

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Brajesh Kumar Jaiswal


Team Member


CEO & Founder

Team Member

Saurabh Mahawar



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