Web Application Development

Web Application Development is the process of developing, designing, testing and deploying application programs that run over the web server and are accessed through the internet. Web applications are not required any download; you can access them through the network.

The Types of Web Applications

Static Web Applications

Static web applications are developed by using libraries and web frameworks like Angular, React, Svelte, Vue, or Blazor and there is no need of server side. Static web applications are written using programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In static web application, the user and the server do not interact with each other.

Dynamic Web Applications

Dynamic web application creates the page in real time as per the request from the server end and reach the client end. These applications are required JavaScript to deliver content on the browser. The programming languages such as PHP, Java or Python are used in dynamic web applications. In dynamic web applications, the content, appearance and functionality are changed as per the user input, system, event and information.

Content Management System (CMS) Web Applications

A content management system (CMS) web application is used to manage, organize, create, edit and publish content on websites. Content in a CMS is stored in a database.

E-commerce Web Applications

E-commerce web application is a software program that allows you buy and sell goods and services, digital products online.

Portal Web Applications

Portal web application is such an application that permits authenticated and authorized user access to company’s data repository.

Single Page Web Application

Single page web application is a form of dynamic web application that allows the user free and quick communication within the browser. Single page app works inside a browser and does not require any page reloading during use.

Multi Page Web Application

Multi page web application allows the user to navigate to a different page. Multi page application is created using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, etc. this application also provides extensive data on the products or services offered by the company or business.

Why is Web Application Important for the Business?

• Web application helps in publicity and branding .
• It improves the efficiency of the business.
• It provides 24/7 accessibility.
• Web applications are easy to install and maintain.
• It helps business in setting its stand online.
• It helps in promoting your products and services.
• It assists in building brand loyalty.