What is software?

A software is a set of instructions, data or programs that is used to run or operate a computer. Software is just opposite of hardware that is a physical aspect of a computer while software is an application, program and script that run on a device. In other words, software is a set of instructions or programs that assist you to intreract with a computer. Office suites, databases and database management programs, web browser, graphic software, word processer, software development tools, image editor and communication platforms are some of the examples of software.

The types of software

• Application software
• System software
• Custom Software
• Billing Software
• Tally Software
• Programming software

Application software

Application software is a computer program that is used to perform a specific task or function for the purpose of education, personal or business. Application software is also known as user end software or productivity software. Application software is made of android and kotlin. Application software performs a large variety of functions in which some of the common functions are :-manipulating data, managing information, constructing visual, keeping records, developing website, writing reports, constructing spreadsheet, calculating expenses, coordinating resources and so on.
MS word, MS excel, MS PowerPoint, MS outlook, Photoshop, Canva , etc. are example of application software.

System software

System software is a computer program designed for operating a computer’s hardware and application software. System software provides a platform for other softwares. This is the most important type of software that is required to administer the resource of the computer system. System software runs in the background and manages all the functioning of the computer itself. It helps to generate user interface and allows the operating system to communicate with the computer devices. System softwares are written in low level language and they are difficult to understand and develop as well. Operating system, programming language translator, device driver, firmware software and utility software are some of the types of system software.

Programming software

Software programming is the process of writing computer code that allows the computer software to function. Programming software is an aid programmer that helps in the development of other software. Programming software consists of compilers, linkers, assemblers, debuggers, GUI designer and performance analysis tools. Programming software aims at ensuring the given instructions are performed successfully in an organized manner. Programming software explains the given data is correct or inappropriate and accordingly gives the output. It is written in high level programming languages such as JavaScript, SQL, python, Java and C #.

The importance of software

People from all over the world are using software at a large scale and gaining a lot of advantages. Software is used in transportation, electrical grids, nuclear plants and other functions related to our basic life.
• Software development is very imperative for businesses because it helps to become more competitive in the business world.
• It enhances the client’s experiences, bring more feature rich and innovative products to the market and create setup more safe, productive and efficient.
• Software development takes your business to a new height by promoting and spreading your business. It enables your brand to be visible to everyone and everywhere through digital devices.
• It helps you to know about the customers’ reviews and feedback about your product and service. It also helps you reach out your customers easily and improve sales and services.

This is the only software development that allows you to communicate with your clients directly and this is a great idea to boost your brand awareness.
• You can increase customer engagement with the help of mobile app or websites and bring them back to you.
• Software development helps you to promote you product and service anytime and anywhere without spending extra money or time. You can reach your customer anywhere in the world.
• ERP, custom software , billing software, tally software are the best software used in businesses to keep the record of financial data.