Graphic design is the art of visual communication using images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience, especially to produce a specific effect. We can say that graphic design is the way of conveying ideas through visuals and design. Line, shape, colors, typography, texture, size and space are the elements of graphic designing. Graphic design is  aimed at creating visually appealing products that convey certain messages or information and focusing on branding, typography, layout, and the overall principles of design composition. Posters, infographics, book covers, product labels,  logos, business cards, signs, website layouts, mobile apps, software interfaces are designed under graphic design.

Graphic design consists of painting, sketching, drawing, photography, art, typography, and motion graphics to create eye catching visual content. A good graphic design is helpful in selling products, generating interest about a brand or services and developing new markets. Graphic design is an effective mode of mass communication and has a lasting impression.

The Types of Graphic Design

Brand Design

Brand design is an art that emphasizes on the visual identity of a company or a product to the public. It consists of design elements of a brand like logo, color scheme, typography, company letterhead, business cards, signage company brochure and many more to make a brand unique among the competitors and recognizable to customers. Adobe creative suite, market research, communication skills and teamwork are the most required skills for brand design.

Website Design

Web design involves page layout, selecting image and using unique typography for a website. Graphic design is used to create responsive web design. Landing pages, website home pages and hub pages on websites are some of the examples of web design.

Print Design

Print design is the art of using visual graphic to communicate specific a message to viewers. Print design is used to design brochures, flyers, billboards, stickers, stationary sets, t shirts, mugs and other products. A print designer requires layout design, print design, color theory and adobe creative suite.

Publishing Design

Publishing design is used to design attractive cover of books and magazines as well as designing page layout to present information in way that make it easy to read. Publishing design involves designing books and magazines covers, eBook layout design, spreading photos for magazines, graphs and other images on nonfiction books.

Environmental Design

Environmental graphic design is the process of using architectural elements and landscape design to create signs, maps, and other visual elements to navigate the world. Environmental design consists of designing signage, exterior building display, way finding system, retail store design, museum exhibit, exterior design elements like fountains and sculptures.

Animation Design

Animation design is the use of digital graphic design to create an illusion of motion or rotation. Animation design is found across the digital platforms to provide entertainment through TV shows, video games and to help people learn through animated informational videos. Video games, cartoons and animation for television or movies, brand animation for social media channels and motion graphics for online videos are created under animation design.